Welcome to Austin Pet Portraits

The purpose of my pet portrait photography is to create images that will forever remind you of the special relationship between you and your pet- a relationship usually marked by unconditional love. It is also to create a work of art.

A successful image is one where the pet's personality and spontaneity shine through.

To accomplish this I work in various visual styles. Whether a classic look, a contemporary look, or a whimsical digital composite, my approach is one of creating a piece of fine art- with all the attention to detail that that entails.

Although I can work with photographic film using a medium format film camera, I usually create my images with a digital camera and a computer.

One aspect of working digitally is that there is simply less distance between what I can imagine and what I can create. Even in cases where I get most of what you want in the initial picture, I find there is usually something I can do to further enhance the final image working digitally.

I look forward to the fun and entertaining experience of photographing your pets while providing you with excellent customer service and satisfaction. Thank you for your interest in Austin Pet Portraits.

Rick Hastie
Owner- Austin Pet Portraits


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